Adobe PDF ...the best tip you’ll get all day

Client: Adobe Systems

Industry: Software
Adobe PDF (portable document format) and Adobe Acrobat had already gained wide acceptance in the web authoring and graphic arts fields, but very little penetration into the office world.

Sales and marketing was chosen as a target market because of the problems normally encountered when widely separated customers, suppliers and team members try to communicate electronically using different software applications, or different versions of the same applications.

In a five minute video, we tell the story of four friends who meet for lunch and discuss the problems of "keeping up" in today's business world. They are joined by two more friends who have just successfully secured a "Million Dollar Deal" with a distant client . And by the way, all the communication was in PDF.

The waitresses unexpectedly chime in with comments like, "PDF’s a sure thing... It’s a standard on the web." The project was shot on film and transferred to tape for editing. It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of any single media in a multiple media campaign, but our client calls this project, "My commercial."

It was distributed to their sales force, they used it at tradeshows, and hundreds of other presentations.

This was the third project Full Spectrum produced for the Acrobat product line. We have completed two more since then.