Around the world, around the clock

Client: Emery Worldwide

Industry: Air freight transportation
When Consolidated Freightways bought the ailing Emery Air Freight, and combined it with their own air freight forwarding division, they wanted to tell the world that the new company - Emery Worldwide - was going to be bigger and better than the sum of its parts.

Shooting took place for five nights at Emery's freight hub in Dayton, Ohio. A Musco lighting truck lit the ramps and apron for exteriors and on the inside of the gigantic sort facility lighting crews moved clusters of HMI lights around on balconies and catwalks.

Air to air footage of a Emery DC 8 was shot from Clay Lacey's specially outfitted Lear Jet up and down the Southern California Coast.

Emery immediately ordered over 80 thousand dubs and sent one to every customer along with a letter from the president of Emery welcoming them to the 'new' company.

The video was then further used extensively by the sales force and marketing department for several years. This was the seventh project Full Spectrum produced for CF Airfreight/Emery Worldwide.