Technology Briefing Center

Client: Harmonic Inc.

Industry: Broadband communications
Harmonic Inc is a manufacturer of broadband communications products for the cable TV industry. Within the past few years, new Harmonic products have created economic and technical opportunities which allow cable television operators to move into the
potentially lucrative internet modem and telephony over IP-Protocol businesses.

Harmonic wanted to create a Technical Briefing Center where computer based presentations could be integrated with demonstrations of new Harmonic products in a comfortable theater environment.

Quality of Image and audio and uniqueness of graphics and presentation were considered paramount.

High resolution video projection, Dolby AC3 Surround sound, and programmed lighting effects were integrated with fifteen computers, three types of satellite feeds, twelve set top boxes and monitors, several mpeg decoders and a complete digital head end with a laser fiber distribution network to accomplish the goal.

The Theater has been used to present a dramatic communication of the features and benefits of Harmonic products to visiting managers, analysts and press over the last year.