A conversation with Videotron Ltd.

Client: Harmonic Inc.

Industry: Broadband communications–cable TV
Harmonic made its reputation as an innovator in the fiber optic transmission business for the cable TV industry. Now they were attempting to gain market share in the newer, broader digital head end business.

Most cable TV providers were or would soon be beginning the conversion from analog based coax systems to digital based fiber systems because digital systems allowed the cable stations to enter the potentially lucrative local phone, and cable modem business. Harmonic was selling an open system verses the major vendors in the field who were selling proprietary systems.

Videotron Limited, an innovative privately owned cable system, saw the advantages to Harmonic's open solution. In a three day shoot on location in Montreal, we let Videotron tell how they decided on Harmonic and how they were going to exploit the new technology.

Harmonic has used the video for over a year and plans to turn it into a DVD and place it in the hands of every salesman.