Adobe PDF - Workflows that work!

Client: Adobe Systems

Industry: Software
Adobe PDF (portable document format) had begun to make inroads into the pre-press market, but although PDF Workflows offer significant advantages over the current Quark based workflow, the printing industry was slow to change away from what was already working.

To cover multiple users problems we shot three success stories covering three different phases of pre-press. The first story was shot at Leo Burnett Advertising in Chicago and revolved around their distribution of print advertising materials to local Oldsmobile dealers.

The second story was shot at Fortune Magazine involved their PDF based solution to coordinating production and editorial functions for a publication whose contributors, reporters, and editors were scattered all over the world.

The third story was shot at Quad Graphics in Hartford Wisconsin. Quad is an enormous color printer with multiple locations. At the time they used PDF only for proofing, but in the video talk about their plans for a direct PDF to plate workflow, and what that will mean to them.

The video was initially used at a printing industry trade show held only once every five years, and has been widely distributed since, all over the world.